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New fascia's, soffits & dry-verge
Elite PVCu
Corner of a Roof Gutter

What we use

Freefoam roofline products & freeflow rain


Freefoam Fascia's

The threat of climate change demands that the products we use are good enough to stand the challenges of the future. With colder winters, stronger sun and more frequent storms, Freefoams climate change range is designed to protect your home whatever the weather does, today& tomorrow


Dry-ferge caps

The dry-verge caps we use are Easyverge universal dry-verge. We offer caps used to go with tiles, or a continuous Dry-verge cover.  We offer both for free with full refits or dress ups. 


Free flow rainwater systems

Freefoam's rainwater range Freeflow is designed to be leak free, it will withstand extreme differences in temperature, from up to 30*C down to a cold -15*C. Freeflows range has a distinctive white layer of PVC on the inside, this cleverly reduces the amount of heat absorbed and decreased movement means they stay leak free longer.



  • Freefoam fascia's contain extra titanium dioxide, the natural mineral used in sun block.

  • Freefoam's products are 100% lead free.

  • Freefoam's product insulate your home and help to save money.

Say goodbye to time-wasting maintenance and hello to free weekends


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